4 November '23 - 1 January '24


Terms and Conditions

By purchasing tickets from Underbelly through https://www.skatewestend.com/ or any other channel, or by purchasing a ticket for any other Underbelly show, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The venue management reserve the right to refuse admission and to admit latecomers ONLY if and when there is a suitable break in the performance.
  2. Tickets are sold subject to the venue management's right to make any alteration to the advertised arrangements or the cast rendered necessary by unavoidable cause.
  3. Latecomers may not be admitted.
  4. Please check your Ticket immediately after purchase as mistakes cannot always be rectified.
  5. Tickets cannot be cancelled, or money refunded but tickets may be exchanged at the discretion of the box office.
    1. Tickets may only be exchanged to a future date of the same performance; it is not possible to exchange for a different event. If there is no future performances, then in Underbelly’s sole discretion, we may offer a credit note for future Underbelly shows.
    2. An exchange cannot be issued if the original tickets are for a past date.
    3. All exchanges must be confirmed no later than 48 hours before the original date
    4. An exchange is only confirmed once you receive an email confirmation for the new date.
  6. Underbelly will not re-print tickets under any circumstances. In the event of Tickets sent by post not reaching their destination, we will provide a proof of purchase statement for verification on the door, if required.
  7. Fees for the posting of tickets are a separate service charge and Underbelly regrets to say that they cannot be refunded in any circumstance, including non-receipt of items and in the event of show cancellation.
  8. Eligibility for any standard Concession price ticket available is limited to Students, Senior Citizens (over 60s), Under-16, disabled people, those registered as being on State Benefits, NHS staff and Equity members, where stated. Proof of status must be supplied at the point of purchase and/or collection of tickets,
  9. Underbelly will offer, where possible, one complimentary ‘Personal Assistant ticket’ for the companion of customers who require assistance to attend an event when a ticket has been purchased for the customer requiring assistance.
  10. Tickets may be restricted to a maximum number per person. Underbelly reserves the right to cancel tickets purchased in excess of this number.
  11. Please note that for tickets purchased to performances suitable only for persons aged 18 and over, any ticket holder unable to present valid identification may not be admitted to the event. Underbelly is not responsible for verifying the age of attendees for tickets purchased online and will not refund tickets for age-restricted products in the case of non-admittance due to the lack of valid proof of age.
  12. Latecomers may not be admitted until a suitable break in the performance. Some performances may contain no suitable breaks. Admittance is at the final discretion of the event promoter and venue management
  13. Breach of the above terms and conditions, or any unacceptable behaviour likely to cause damage, nuisance or injury to other persons shall enable the venue management or event promoter/organiser to eject ticketholders from the venue. Their decision is final, and you will not refund tickets in the case of ejection or non-admittance based on the venue management’s decision.
  14. Underbelly offers credit notes (vouchers) for future services in return for payment of a corresponding value. Vouchers are issued solely by Underbelly for a specified period, the length of which is entirely at the discretion of Underbelly. Once any such issued vouchers have passed the stated expiry date, the value of any unused credit remaining shall revert to Underbelly. Please be advised vouchers cannot be refunded back to cash or extended past the initial 12 month window once expired. In the unlikely event you need even more time, please contact us a month before your credit voucher is due to expire and we can look to extend it subject to availability.
  15. All donations made through Underbelly’s website or any subsidiary operating under it, as well as those made over the telephone or in person, are understood to be made to Underbelly, and once made any monies given are not returnable in any circumstance.
  16. All merchandise is sold subject to the Consumer Rights Act 2015.
  17. In the event of cancellation due to weather or any other reason whatsoever outside of Underbelly’s control, then Underbelly will attempt to re-schedule performances, or exchange to alternative dates, if these already exist. A credit note may be issued in for you to re-book at your convenience – it is your responsibility to ensure you re-book.
    1. If a show is cancelled or abandoned because of the weather, you will be entitled to exchange your ticket for seats available with the nearest value to your original ticket (rounded-up) at any other show in our programme, subject to availability.
    2. Subject to availability: Your ability to exchange into a particular show on a particular date and time will be subject to the availability of seats at that show on that date and time. This will be assessed at the point when we are processing your request for an exchange.
    3. To obtain your exchange, simply email our Box Office at boxoffice@underbelly.co.uk– if you know the date/time and scheduled performance you wish to move your ticket to, include that in your email and we will move your ticket over. If you do not know yet, we can issue you with a credit note to enable you to re-book online at your convenience.
    4. If there is no availability for a future performance, then your only remedy and Underbelly’s only obligation shall be to issue you with a credit note for the same value for future shows.
  18. It is your responsibility to ascertain whether an event has been cancelled. If an event is cancelled, we will use reasonable endeavours to notify you of the cancellation. We do not guarantee that you will be informed of such cancellation before the date of the event.
  19. Personal arrangements including travel, accommodation or hospitality relating to the Event which have been arranged by you are at your own risk. Neither we nor the Event Partner(s) shall be liable to you for any loss of enjoyment or wasted expenditure.
  20. The price for the products that you order will be the price quoted on the website at the date the order is received except in the case of an obvious error. All prices currently advertised are not inclusive of delivery charges: the prices associated with each method of delivery are advised to you during the check out-process before any purchase is completed. You can check your delivery charges for your basket prior to check-out and completion of purchase.
  21. All prices currently advertised are inclusive of VAT (where applicable). We currently do not offer VAT exemption for international customers or any geographical region. The grand total of the order is the price of the product(s) ordered plus the delivery charge.
  22. It is your responsibility to check your Tickets and to ascertain the date and the time of your access to the relevant attraction.
  23. We are not responsible or liable for any Tickets that are lost or stolen, including postal despatch missing in transit. Removing any Ticket stub will invalidate the Ticket.
  24. Neither we nor any other party shall have any liability to you beyond the face value of the Ticket. Note that any booking fees are not refundable.
  25. Tickets may not be used for any advertising, competitions, contests, sweepstakes, promotions, or used, sold or given away in conjunction with other products or services (such as part of a travel or hospitality package) without the express written permission of Underbelly in advance. Failure to comply with the foregoing may result in the cancellation of the Ticket without any refund or compensation and/or the ticket holder being refused entry or removed from the relevant Event.
  26. Underbelly reserves the right to ask for proof of ID and of the age of any visitor to the Events. Underbelly further reserves the right to refuse access to any person if that person is unable to produce proof of their age and that person is refused admission for being underage. In such circumstances, Underbelly will not provide a refund to the visitor.
  27. When purchasing alcohol at the Event, if you appear to be under the age of 25 you may be asked for proof of age.
  28. If an error is made in the price of any Tickets ordered by you, you will be notified by us as soon as possible and we will give you the option to either (a) reconfirm your Ticket order at the correct price; or (b) cancel your Ticket order and receive a full refund from us.
  29. If any Event is cancelled in its entirety, we will use our reasonable endeavours to notify you as soon as reasonably possible. If the Event is not rescheduled, we shall give you credit note for the same value for Underbelly shows.
  30. In order to facilitate the security, safety and comfort of all patrons, Underbelly reserve the right to conduct security searches of persons, clothing, bags and all other items on entry and exit, to confiscate items that may cause danger or disruption to the Event or other patrons or are in breach of these Terms and/or refuse admission. The use of illegal substances and laser pens are strictly prohibited.
  31. Customers may be ejected from the Event if, in the reasonable opinion of Underbelly, the customer is a risk to the safety of any patron and/or may affect the enjoyment of other patrons and/or the running of the Event or may cause damage, nuisance or injury. Examples include being (or appearing to be) drunk, incapable, intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs, under-age (where relevant), abusive, threatening, behaving anti-socially, carrying offensive weapons or illegal substances, declining to be searched or in breach of any of these Terms.
  32. Please note that CCTV and film cameras may be present at the Event. By entering the Event and/or purchasing Tickets and attending the Event, ticket holders consent to being the subject of filming stills photography and sound recording and its use in distribution (commercial or otherwise) without any payment.
  33. If you experience any problems at the Event, please contact a front of house member or steward as it may not be possible to resolve issues after the Event.
  34. In case of emergency, please follow instructions and directions from stewards, staff and/or other officials.
  35. All events are subject to obtaining the relevant licences.